Monday, March 2, 2015

13 things I learnt while inter-railing

13 things I learnt while inter-railing. 

1. European countries charge for ketchup, take a mini bottle with you on your travels.

2. Google maps turn into paper maps.

3. Wifi becomes your best friend.

4. English breakfast tea is sacred.  

5. Bringing one pair of socks for each day is unnecessary. 

6. Breaking the handle on your suitcase 5 days in, is ultimately one of the worst things possible.

7. The amount of outfits you can make with 2 tops and 2 pairs of leggings is pretty impressive.

8. Waking up early is easier when you're abroad.

9. All cheese comes with ham and all tuna comes with egg.

10. Sweetcorn is classed as a 'roasted vegetable'.

11. Free walking tours are the bomb; explore the city for free and perfect for getting your barrings of your new surroundings. 

12. Planning isn't spontaneous, but it does mean that you get the most out of your travels. 

13. Sleeping on the train is out of the question, you will always wake up with a neck ache or numb hand/leg.

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