Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sleek Lipstick

Earlier this week I went on a beauty haul in super drug and boots and ended up getting a few new products aswell as some old favourites. I am going to go a blog post after this one on all of the products that I got but first up I wanted to do one just for one of the products that I got. 

I was first introduced to Sleek make up a month of so ago, by thebeautycrush and her video 'Boyfriend does my make up tag' on YouTube. One of the products she used was the Sleek contouring kit, I've been teaching myself to contour for a while but can never seem to get it right or    have the right products to do it. So off O went to Superdrug to try and get this contouring kit (I got it btw). While I was looking for this I saw that Sleek did loads of great lipstick colours, but unfortunately all the colours I really wanted were all sold out! So off I went on my beauty haul and saw the Sleek make up range in Superdrug as I was shopping and thought that I would check it out. 

Unfortunately they still didn't have all the colours available (I've noticed that Superdrug aren't great at keeping there stock filled up) however I did find a lipstick titled 'Cherry' which is a very dark red colour, which I personally think is a great colour for your lips in the Autumn/ Winter. 
All lipsticks at £4.99 which I think is a pretty decent price and I was happy to pay this. Although like I mentioned before there wasn't a huge range of colours available for my to purchase the range of colours that Sleek do is pretty big and ranges from your nudes and pinks to your reds and purples. This element is one of the reason I think that they are a great dupe for MAC lipsticks with the cheapest MAC lipsticks being £15, Sleek is a great alternative. 

Below are a few pictures of some Sleek dupes that I think work well as a alternative to MAC. 

MAC                         SLEEK
Flat out Fabulous       Amped
Creme d'nude           Baby Doll
Hang-up                    Vamp
Russian Red              Vixen



Peace & Love
G. x

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