Friday, August 8, 2014

Muji Make up Organiser

Oops! Haven't been on my blog in while! 

So here's a quick post on a make up organiser I bought today! 

I've been wanting a make up organiser for ages and have been popping into home sense (the home ware store owned by tkmaxx) in hope that I would find something there but unfortunately although they had some they didn't have big enough to fit my makeup collection! 

Anyways, so my friend Beth told me about Muji, there aren't many around where I live and although I had walked passed one before I have never stopped to look in. I looked on there website prior to making my trip to Guildford and saw that they had some acrylic boxes, these vary in size and shape. 

I went for the 5 draw acrylic boxes, £24.95 (they also give student discount, so I got it for (£22.50) it is clear which is great they means it looks smaller than it is on my shelf and also makes it easier to see what compartment each make up type is in, e.g all my skin products, eye products etc...      

So if you are looking for a make up organiser check Muji out! 

Peace and Love 
G. x


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