Sunday, October 5, 2014

One 'bad' meal...

Hi bloggers, 
How are you all doing!

This post is going to take a different sort of approach, it's not about fashion or beauty, it's about food! It has mainly been inspired by one of my favourite food quotes...

'One 'bad' meal won't make you fat and one 'good' meal won't make you skinny.'

Over the last three years at uni my weight has slowly creeped up, snacking on a packet of crisps, a can of coke and a bar of chocolate were the three comfort foods that got me through my degree. While sat in front of my computer in the library I would happily munch munch away and if I'm being completely honest it was one of the only things that I looked forward to when going to library. 

However 3 months ago I decided it was time for a change. I know that I am not fat and I never have been, my BMI is pretty average for my height but being  the small 5 ft 1 that I am I could see that I was getting a little plumper! But lets get one thing straight first... before some of you jump to conclusion and say 'you should be happy the way you are' or 'you're being peer pressured by images in the media' if you actually know me then you know that I'm not one to fall for peer pressure. Plus considering I have just studied media for 3 years at uni I'm pretty clued up everything the media does and all their tricks. I am not trying to conform to 'societies' idea of the 'perfect body' as there isn't 'perfect body'. I am not doing this for my boyfriend or friends because I know that they love me for the way I am. I am doing this for myself, because I want to be healthy, because I want to feed my body with goodness.

What I have changed

When I was at uni I never used to make time for breakfast and that's probably because I normally slept into about 1 in the afternoon! But now interning full time this has given me alot more structure and routine to my day and meal times. Every morning I make sure I have time for that bowl of Special K.

I used to eat carbs for breakfast (when I got up early enough) carbs for lunch and carbs for dinner. However I now hardly eat any carbs, only really on my cheat days. From cutting out carbs not only do I not feel so bloated, but it has also allowed me to realise that in fact my digestive system isn't a great fan of them either as when I do have them I tend to get stomach cramps! One bad thing about cutting out carbs is tiredness and less energy but that can be brought back up through fruit and veg.

I haven't cut anything out completely, I just eat in moderation and I now know how to control myself. Before I could easily eat a whole packet of biscuits but now after I've had one I'm done. If I want the chocolate, I let myself have the chocolate. If I want some cake, I let myself have the cake. I don't starve myself from my cravings I just find a healthier alternative.

I tend to let myself have one day of eating whatever I want, whether that be at the weekend or one day during the week when I'm going out with friends or just having a slob day at home. It's good to change up your eating habits as this gives your body a shock from your normal routine and kick starts your metabolism again.

I am definitely not a girl that weighs themselves on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. Actually to be honest I don't even know what I weigh now or what I weighed before I changed my eating habits. In fact I don't actually want to know. If I feel good in what I'm wearing then I'm happy.

The 6.

1. Don't DIET! Eat Healthy and give your body all the vitamins and minerals you need. 
2. Don't worry, remember NO body is perfect.
3. Don't let the media influence your decisions about what you eat or what you look like. Remember this is all about you.
4. Do have have cheat days!
5. Do give yourself some chocolate. A girl has gotta have chocolate! (treat yourself to a couple of squares a night)
6. Do be happy, you are beautiful. 

And ohh boy that Bill's burger I had today was delicious!

Peace and Love 
G. x

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