Sunday, September 14, 2014

W7 Make up Review

Recently I have been trying out a few products from the W7 make up range so I thought that I would do a quick review of a few of my favourite products as not only are they reasonable priced the range also does some great dupes on items of more expensive brands. 

W7 Chunky Bronzer- I've been wanted to try a bronzer stick for a while as they are great for contouring and for giving you the perfect cheek bones. I've had my eye on a the NARS Bronzing Stick for a while but at £30 I just couldn't quite justify buying it. So when I came across the W7 Chunky Bronzer I just had to have it! At £4.95 it is a pretty good dupe of the NARS bronzer and definitely does the job of defining your cheek bones. 

Angel Eyes- I don't wear eye shadow much but I love the neutral colours that this eye palet has, they really help to give your eyes a little pop and add a bit of glamour.

City Slicker Eye Make up Remover- I absolutely love this! A lot of eye makeup removers that I have used before by other brands I haven't really liked. This is mainly because they were quite oily making my eye lids and lashes feel greasy after and often irritated my eyes. However this eye remover isn't oily at all and takes off my eye make up like a dream! One quick splash on a cotton wool pad and a quick wipe on my eyes and my make up is removed.

Have you tired any W7 make up recently? Let me know what you think!

Peace and Love
G. x

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