Friday, August 30, 2013


South West 4 Festival

This weekend I had a pretty busy but amazing weekend with the most amazing people! On Sunday I went to South West 4 Festival in Clapham Common, it is a two day festival (Saturday and Sunday) but my friends and I just went on the Sunday with Example headlining. SW4 hosts a variety of DJ's, Artists and Musicians from the Dance music world.

What did I wear?

Well in terms of what I ended up wearing to the Festival completely depended on the weather and thankfully the weather turned out to the be perfect! Although it had poured down a few days prior to the Festival this meant that the field was pretty muddy and since we were the 2nd day festival goers, the field had already been trampled on but to be honest it wouldn't be a real english festival without a bit of mud! 

Shoes- I wore my black Doc Martens which kept my feet dry and allowed me to squidge and dance around in the mud. By wearing my DM's it also meant that I didn't have to worry about what state they would be in by the end of it as they are easy to clean. (Wellies are also a great option!)

Dress- My dress was from the Topshop sale it was originally £28 then reduced to £15 and then with student discount £13.50 what a bargain! Recently when I have been buying clothes I also try and think how I can wear them in the Winter as unfortunately our Summer is  coming to an end, so here are a few things I would add to make a Winter outfit. 

-Black tights (to hide those goosebumps.)
-Boots (heeled or DM's; depending what occasion it is.)
-Black/grey cardi (for that extra warmth, I love to layer up during Winter!) 
-Maroon scarf/ Beanie ( I love to accessorise as it really completes the overall look) -Khaki -Parker coat (perfect to keep you warm and also super stylish.) 

There you have it, a winter outfit from a summer dress! (I also wore little black shorts under my dress, this was so then when I got on someone's shoulders I still kept my dignity!)

Bum Bag- This is a must! If you wanna be safe from sneaky pick pockets then get yourself one! Not only does it mean that you always have your belonging to the front of you but it also means that you have your hands free to dance and hold your cider!

Tassles- In this picture you can't really see my sleaveless black cardi with tassles but hopefully you can in one of the other pics, I picked this up a while ago in Republic for £7! I absolutely love it, its great for putting over something that is a little plain to spice it up or just to add some festival vibes which is what I wanted for SW4.  

Peace and Love

G. x

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