Friday, September 6, 2013

The Perfect Brows

For the past 4 years my eyebrows have been a big part of my life. I've always had quite big, bushy, dark eyebrows (thanks mum) and over the years have tried a number of different strategies to try and tame them. 

When I was about 16 I first got my eyebrows waxed and although it did the job they weren't nicely shaped. Then about 3 years ago I was introduced to a small salon near me that did eyebrow threading for £4! So I thought why not give it a go... and I haven't looked back since. 

Threading is by far the best method, they make your eyebrows look defined, sleek and perfectly shaped! Plus I love that fresh feeling I get once I have just had them done. 

However it is only in the past 18 months that I have also started to filled in my eyebrows with make up; again this just makes them more defined and really makes this feature stand out on your face. My usual routine to fill in my eyebrows is to gently stroke on a few strokes of my brown eyebrow pencil- I always use brown as black can sometimes come across being a little too harsh (MUA- £1! dirt cheap!) on them and then smudging it in with the smudger on the end of my eye liner (no.7 about £7) this routine literally takes me 2 minutes to do so it's pretty handy when I'm in a bit of a rush. 

A few of my friends use the Benefit brow kits 'brows a-go-go' £27.50 or  'brows zing' £23.50' both products look really good, however I myself just couldn't part with that sort of money even though I do love my brows. 

I have managed to find a dupe of these with MUA called Pro Brow Kit! Which only cost me £3.50. Inside the kit there are 4 options to choose from, a mini pair or tweezers, an angled brush, and the whole kit also doubles up as a little compact mirror. There are two brown shades, I'm guessing one for darker eyebrows like mine and one for lighter eyebrow. First you apply your preferred shade with the angled brush by sweeping as much as you wish through your brows. Secondly there is a highlighting shade which can be used to define under your brow and erase any stray particles from the eyebrow shadow you have just used. Finally there is some holding gel, you only need a tiny bit of this and again you kind of sweep this on your brows. This gel is meant to set your brows and also give them a more natural and gloss finish. 

Overall I think that this a great dupe and is definitely worth the £3.50 that it cost me. Although when I am in a rush I will still use my original routine when I am going out and have more designated make up time I will use my Pro Brow Kit by MUA. 

But like my mum always says to me 'eyebrows should be sisters and not twins' meaning they will never be exactly the same. 

Peace and Love
G. x

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