Wednesday, October 16, 2013

House of Holland; Get Nailed

I've been wearing my new stick on House of Holland nails for the last 4 days now and I love them! Basically they are false nails designed by Henry Holland, the founder of the designer brand House of Holland. 

For the last 3 months the only colour I have painted my nails is white, I don't know why but I just think they look chic and make your nails look wow! When I came across these bad boys I just had to have them. 

The whole set cost me £9 which I don't actually think is too bad, considering to get a good set from Boots or somewhere it normally costs you about £6.50. I got mine from Urban Outfitters, but I'm pretty sure that you can get them elsewhere to. 

As you can see from the picture they are white with a black outline, in pack you also get some black stickers letters A-Z and symbols such as ! and #. I didn't know what to put on mine so I just used the # on my thumbs to make them a little more interesting, but to be honest you can write whatever you wish, the example they gave on the box was YOLO but something like LOVE or PEACE would be quite cute I think.

Over the past 4 days I've only had to re-glue 2 of them which I am really pleased about, considering I have done a fair bit of washing up and washed my hair which may have caused them to go a little soft and fall off but it didn't. 

What's In The Pack?

-24 Nails (10 sizes)
-Nail Glue
-Letters and Symbols (2 x all Consonant and Symbols 3 x all Vowels)
-Nail File
-Instruction Leaflet

They do a few other designs but these where my favourite and I have even had a fair few people ask me where I got them done which is pretty nice considering I just did them myself. I even had one friend ask me if they could take a picture of them so they could ask they're nail person to do them in the same style!

So grab yourself a set and add some Henry Holland to your life! 

Peace and Love
G. x

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