Sunday, June 16, 2013

Creeping in Creepers

What are Creepers? - Creepers are a shoe that usually have a suede upper and then a thick crepe sole which can vary in inches (e.g. single sole, double sole, triple sole and wedge). 

Underground Originals stock a range of shoes (including creepers) mainly aimed at the subcultures of new romantics, goths and new wavers, although Creepers are pretty pricey ranging from £89 (single sole) - £149 (triple sole) they are definitely worth the price if you want to stand out from the crowd.


Most commonly Creepers are known to be an authentic rock and roll shoe however most recently they have been adapted by a range of new subcultures and are now worn and incorporated into a number of different fashion styles. One of the reasons I personally believe that this is because, Underground now produces a bigger range of colours and designs to cater for so many people. 

Check out Undergrounds cute pastel colours for the summer! Just add some frilly socks and wear with some jean dungarees'!

Like I mentioned above, Creepers come in a range of different styles... single sole, double sole, triple sole and wedge. I personally think that the triple sole is a little too clumpy however if you are in need of some added height and are no good with heels these are your perfect match!

Single Sole
Double Sole
Triple Sole 

All Creepers do look pretty clumpy and bulky and when wearing them at first it may seem that you are carrying two weights on your feet, but this feeling soon disappears and they become an unique, distinctive and super comfy shoe to own! 

Creepers tend to come up big, therefore if you are thinking of getting some I recommend to go a size down from your normal shoe size- e.g if you are normally a size 5 get a size 4.

Underground Originals-
Urban Outfitters-

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