Monday, June 17, 2013

Shoes Speak Louder Than Words (1)

I know that I have already done a few posts on shoes recently but there seems to be such a huge hype on shoes are the moment therefore this post seems to be appropriate... 

Ok so this might sound a little weird but when I first meet a guy or a girl I instantly look at their feet to see what shoes they are wearing. By assessing what shoes they are wearing I then make my first judgement. I know that it sounds a little sad and low but it is just something that I have always found myself doing when I am introduced to new people.    

This post is based very much on my own personal judgement and I think the phrase 'shoes speak louder that words' explains what I mean.

I am going to write a short paragraph on a range of different footwear that are on the footwear market at the moment and I will post links and pics to where you can grab yourself a pair!

JuJu Jellies Babe Shoes

With summer upon us why not buy yourself a pair of the old school, 90's jelly shoes! 

When I was a little girl these by far  used to be my favourite shoes, my mum would take me to the shoe shop the day that I finished school for the summer and I got to choose a pair of Jelly Shoes! 

The JuJu Jellies come in a range of different colours, including classic black, girlie glitter and even super cool purple glow in the dark! Not only are they perfect to wear for a splash in the sea but also they will bring back all those childhood memories of when you were carefree and wild! (why not grab yourself some black JuJu Jellies Babes and team them up with some fab glittery socks from urban outfitters to add even more girlie glamour to your life!

JuJu Shoes:


The inspiration of Jordan's is surrounded by the image and essence of Michael Jordan and is produced by Nike. 

There are many different styles of Jordan's or J's as they are commonly referred to. Each style that is created is also given a different motto by Nike that refers to the design or inspiration behind the shoe, including names such as 'promised land' and 'pure gold'. Recently J's have grown in popularity with the street wear fashion style and they are regularly seen worn by rappers including A$AP Rocky.

The classic red, white and grey J's are still at the top of the to buy list, however new colours including purple, pink and turquoise have been introduced. 

I personally have always thought that they have been quite a clumpy and heavy trainer, however I have now grown to think that they are the most stylish looking trainer on the market and can transform your outfit in seconds.

The pricing of J's isn't too bad, with some styles starting at £69.99 however some of their more pricey styles costing between £150-£240! 

These Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro take inspiration from the World War II Mustang fighter plane, this iconic shoe pays tribute to high- flying hoops style. Creating the moto 'The Fighter.

Nike Store-
(Also available to buy in, Office, FootAsylum, FootLocker, JD)


These are a must for all girls! 

Jeffery Campbell provides a variety of glamorous, classy and edgy shoes! With the majority of their shoes having studs, spikes or sparkle they are perfect when worn with some black skinnies and a blazer for an all black sophisticated look. 

When I first think of Jeffery Campbell's I think of studs, spikes and the famous Mary Jane Style heel- well actually it has no heel! Although they look like a nightmare to walk in, they actually are pretty comfy and walking isn't much of an issue! So if you fancy something a little different then grab yourself a pair of the Mary Jane Style heel!

Jeffery Campbell-
Office Shoes-

-I have decided to split 'Shoes Speak Louder Than Words' into two posts as there is so much information that I want to include! so keep a look out for post 2!

Peace and Love
G. x

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