Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shoes Speak Louder Than Words (2)

(PART 2)

Sorry that you have had to wait a little while for Part 2! Been super busy and only just got a chance to sit down and write! Anyways I hope you enjoy and like I said previously I have only explored a small portion of the footwear on the market at the moment!


Dr Martens or DM's as they are also known were first introduced in the 1950's. Over the past 50+ years they have grown in production and now reach out to many different subcultures.

DM's have a variety of different styles available, Original, Re- Invented, Rugged, Refined, Casual and Heels. 

Dr Martens have their trademark Air Wair soles- an air cushioned sole, which gradually over time moulds to your feet, providing you with the upmost comfiness! -note that you shouldn't wear someone else Dr Martens due to this mould it provides. 

Although Dr Martens are widely known for being one of the comfiest shoes, they are also known to be the worse shoes to break in due to the high quality of the leather.

I had wanted a pair of Dr Martens for ages, but with the boot style starting at £95 they aren't the cheapest of footwear! But I finally splashed out and got a pair with my birthday money, I decided to go for the original 1460 matte black boot as they go with anything and I wanted to make sure that I made the most of them due to the expense. Unfortunately when I first wore them they gave me the worst blisters ever, I mean the proper raw flesh kinda blisters! I don't think I have ever been in so much pain and I had only walked to the shops and back! However I was not alone, then I asked others that owned DM's if this had happened to them they all said yes. So I decided to stop wearing them for 2 weeks to let my poor heels heal, but about a week ago I thought it was time to try them again and the pain had completely gone, they was no pain... hallelujah! So I urge you to stick with them and once you get past that stage they are so worth it!

Although DM's are more of a winter piece of footwear- due to their leather fabric, they are still idea for festivals and are guaranteed to keep your feet warm and dry. So why not treat yourself to a floral re- invented pair for that perfect festival look! 

Dr Martens- http://store.drmartens.co.uk

(Also available to buy in, Office, FootAsylum, Schuh)


Since 1966 Vans have been a classic pump to wear, and with the younger generations jumping onto the hype to, Vans are doing better than ever.

Although I have always loved the Authentic Vans and I literally live in my all black ones. Recently I have also taken a liking to the new Old Skool Vans and am itching to get my hands on a pair! (pay day Friday!)

Like all shoe brands there are always a few styles that I prefer more than others and in Vans styles, one style that I am not too keen on is the Authentic Hi Vans. I personally think that this style is too much of a copy of the High Top Converse, but just with a thicker sole and with the thick base and the thin canvas top I don't think the shape quite works.

Vans are even introducing some more unique and crazy designs, including the Authentic Van French Fries Exclusive to Office: £49.99.

Vans- http://shop.vans.co.uk/uk-en?gclid=CJCg66jX6bcCFUfLtAodtwYAmA
(Also available to buy in, Office, FootAsylum, FootLocker, JD, Schuh)


Over the past 3 years Nike Blazers have seen a huge boom in the footwear market and have become a footwear icon of our generation. With more and more colours and patterns being released every season I am sure that the Nike Blazer won't be disappearing any time soon.

There are two types of Blazers, the Nike Blazer and the Nike Blazer Vintage. The title 'vintage' adds extra 'vintage' elements to the Blazer. 

Vintage Elements
Soles: The blazers soles are singed with a lighter causing a yellowy, burn effect to be created, although when first looking at them it just looks like the sole is slightly discoloured, I assure you that this is all part of the 'vintage' aim.

Tongue: the top of the tongue of the shoe, this has been cut allowing parts of the foam in the tongue available to see. 

Although I absolutely love my blazers (I have the black vintage) annoyingly they are an absolute nightmare to put on and off! -I do not recommend wearing them if you are going clothes shopping in which you will have to keep taking them on and off. 

Through Nike id you can now personalise your very own Nike shoes, customising them to your own preference right down to the allowing you have your own personal id on the heel of the trainer you are customising.

Office Shoes- http://www.office.co.uk/nike
Footlocker- http://www.footlocker.eu/gb/en/s/blazer.aspx
(Also available to buy in, Office, FootAsylum, FootLocker, JD, Schuh)


With festival season just round the corner, Hunters are a must! They are hard wearing and you are guaranteed not to get wet feet! Although they are pretty expensive, with the short length starting at £65 and the tall length starting at £85, if you are off to a few festivals this summer it is definitely worth it.

In terms of sizing I would always go a size up to allow room for those fluffy socks or some wellie toppers. Another interesting thing I will mention is that Hunter 'kids' go up to a size 5 and although they come up a little bit shorter in terms of knee length they are about £50 cheaper than the adult Hunters! So if you have little feet like me, then definitely think about getting children Hunters instead! 

Hunter- http://www.hunter-boot.com

(Also available to buy in, Office, Schuh)

Peace and Love
G. x

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