Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nike Air Max; Chav Central or Street Style?

Name: Nike Air Max
Brand: Nike
Footwear: Trainers
Price: £90+
Rating: 8/10*
This post is dedicated to the Nike Air Max whether they are  90's, 1 or Classics, the Air Max boom from the 90's has returned, however this time repped by some of the street wear stars of 2013.

When the Nike Air Max hype was first reborn I was very much against them, I thought they looked clumpy, heavy and just reminded me of the chavs on the local council estate.

However my view has slowly but surely changed and now I must say I am a big fan and even own an all black pair myself! Not only do the slight platform in the sole provide me with height- something I need, they also allow your feet to stay dry on those rainy days. Although I am still not 100 % sure on some of the neon colours that have been introduced, overall the style and structure provide a comfy and stylish street trainer to wear. Making Nike Air Max's an all round standard shoe that most should own.

Unfortunately they are at the higher end of the trainer market prices along with high rise and come back of the Jordans. Prices start from £90, however like with any Nike trainer you know that you are paying for a high quality product. 

The Nike Air Max are an all round standard shoe and I do recommend that you grab yourself a pair for summer, whether it is to add an edge to that black maxi dress that you own or just to have a comfy but fashion friendly pair of trainers to mess around in during the up and coming summer days!

(*all ratings are my own personal opinion, I am comparing them to other products I own/have used)

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  1. Chav filth made in sweathouese for 50p a pair! burn them!

  2. Chav filth made in sweathouese for 50p a pair! burn them!


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